Fishing Charters in New Zealand

Find fishing charters in New Zealand and send us an enquiry, we can find a charter for you. Whether you want to catch a few snapper or knock over a big tuna, we’ve got you. Check out the charters listed below, see photos and read testimonials.

Albacora Fishing Charters - Whangaroa

Albacora Charters is located in Whangaroa Harbour in the Far North, New Zealand. Roy is an excellent skipper and all round good bloke with a wealth of fishing experience in the area. There is no surprise he has return clients from all over the world. From stepping onboard the immaculately kept Dickey Boat “Albacora” you will feel right at home and Roy is always happy to accomodate anglers wishes. In saying that, his knowledge of the area and local fishery is worth tapping into. If it’s a slow day on the marlin there are plenty of options to get some smiles on some faces in the beautiful Whangaroa Harbour and surrounding areas.

A day out on the Dickey Boats 840 “Albacora” is not one you’ll forget. Roy has excellent crew available and can cater to anyone from a family trip to catch some snapper to experienced anglers wanting to target billfish and tuna. Check out Albacora’s profile below for more info and to book!

Fishing charters offer an opportunity for anglers to enjoy a day on the water without having to worry about catching fish. The captain will take care of everything so that you can focus on enjoying yourself.

Choose a reputable company with good reviews.

A reputable fishing charter company should provide a variety of services, such as bait, tackle, and equipment. They should also be able to accommodate any special requests you might have. You should ask them questions before booking a trip.

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Ask about their safety record.

Safety is an important consideration when choosing a fishing charter. Make sure the company has a good safety record. All vessels have to adhere to a set of standards depending on their use and this documentation should be displayed as survey documents on the boat.
The captain should brief all passengers when they first arrive, prior to departure and you should know confidently where all the safety equipment is, albeit with the intention of it staying put.

Check out their equipment.

A good fishing charter should provide plenty of gear, such as rods, reels, bait, tackle , lures, and other accessories. They should also have a variety available to suit the target species, area and time of year. Most charter skippers know their grounds pretty well, but even the best fishermen get caught short so don’t rake the captain over the coals if it’s a slow day. Take it in and enjoy the freedom of being on the water and breathe in that salt air. You might even consider bringing along some of your own gear so you can try different techniques.

Look at their website.

If you’re looking for a reputable company with an excellent reputation, check out the websites of companies you’re considering. Read reviews online and ask friends who have used them before.

Look at their social media.

A great way to get a feel for a charter is to check out their social channels. You will soon see if people are raving and posting glory shots with the fish of your dreams. Not to meantion comments, reviews and interaction. Usually a business that takes pride in their online presence will also take pride in their customers experience.

Fishing Charters

Book online or call them directly.

You should also consider booking through a third party website such as Marine Services where you will be able to find reviews and listings with photos and information about the operators.

Now get out there and enjoy it!

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