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Trust In Over 25 Years Of Experience

We’re based on the North Shore of Auckland. Here at Dolphin Inflatables, we’re known for high-caliber inflatable boat builds, retubes, and repairs that won’t bankrupt you.

We repair and build all kinds of inflatable boats, from every manufacturer, and covering all models. Our craftsmanship is the best, and we only use materials made right here in New Zealand. We always do heat welding and never do glue sticking, so that our repairs and boats can last longer than our competition.

If you want them heat welded to the inflatable boat that you have right now, we can add rope holders, motor pads, T-boards, bracket holders, safety valves, oarlock boards, anchor holders, davits, grab lines, D-rings, and handles.

We’ve already enjoyed more than 25 years of business, and we’ve spent that entire time specializing in just one thing, the retubes, repairs, and building of inflatable boats. We don’t do anything outside of this, making our team industry professionals, as evidenced by the fact that we’re the only New Zealand team who has the capacity to build Thundercats. Some of the biggest names out there trust us, so if you’ve currently got a damaged inflatable boat which needs repairs, or you’re in the market for getting a new one, then we believe that Dolphin Inflatables is going to be your best choice.

In our many years of work, we’ve fixed up nearly every kind of inflatable boat out there, be it Thundercats, Aquapro, Ocean, Aarkron, Nauilus, Explorer, Zodiac, AB Inflatables, Naiad, Brig Rigid, Family Boats, Lancer, Avon, IBR Inflatables, Strata, Atomix, South Pacific, Aquamaster, and Terminator. We are confident that we can fix any inflatable boat that you bring us.


I’m Andrew Monsinger, and I’m from Cape Town in South Africa. I operate and own Dolphin Inflatables. We currently operate from Auckland’s North Shore, and we’re only 500 meters away from the off-ramp for Greville Road close to Albany.

I personally have more than a quarter of a century of experience in handling inflatable boat building and repairs, a decade of which has happened right here in New Zealand. That makes me an industry pro.

I have the tools, knowledge, machines, and skill to come up with Thundercats from scratch, we always use heat welding instead of glue fixes, which makes your boat last longer for you. We know how glue-fix products might last less than a year, so be wary.

Before we accept work from anyone, we offer them fixed pricing in advance. When we do accept work, we do all we can to get it done in the time that you need it. We use marine-grade, high-caliber materials made right here in New Zealand, including Hypalon and PVC. Our work is also guaranteed in full.

If you’re based in Auckland, we can gather up your inflatable boat, fix it up at our workshop, and then deliver it back to you once we’re finished. In some cases, we can even do mobile repairs.

For the most part, we aim to treat people in ways that we expect to be treated: reasonably, fairly, and professionally. That’s how you can expect us to treat you.

Our advice never costs a thing, so feel free to contact us. If you want, we can repair any of your banana boats or inflatable toys, as well as re-upholster boat seats or manufacture customized boat covers.

Best regards, and happy boating!


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