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At Focus Marine we enjoy preparing yachts for the next adventure. Brett Elliott director of Focus Marine has a life time of boating experience to call on to help ensure your yacht is ready for whatever lies ahead.

Brett comes from a yachting family that has been involved with building and racing yachts for the best part of 100 years. Brett grew up around yachts and the marine industry. His life long experience combined with his passion for yachts and yachting has taken Brett around the world racing and preparing yachts. Brett has over 30,000 miles of offshore sailing experience and has competed in many regattas around the world. This includes working for an America’s Cup team and working for international sailing teams.


Focus Marine is a complete yacht management company. We specialise in managing Racing and Cruising yachts to ensure their owners enjoy their time on the water with minimum effort while ashore. The level of service required can be tailored to each owner’s needs.

Some of the owners Focus Marine works with have very little time or do not live in the same city as their yachts, so we fully manage the development and maintenance of their yachts. Others just need a hand from time to time.


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