Geltec is a kiwi company providing boat planing, peeling and osmosis repair services for nearly 20 years. Over this time Geltec has assisted with the restoration of hundreds of boats, saving customers considerable time and expense.

Geltec’s unique planing system methodically removes surfaces quickly, cleanly and evenly. A precise depth can be set depending on the planing requirements starting from as little as 0.5mm. During the planing process waste is collected and removed reducing environmental impact, a key health and safety consideration in all boatyards.

We can also repair the hull to which ever stage the owner requires.  This is a mobile service so there is no need to move the boat to a specific boat yard, we can come to you.

Planing Applications:

  • Hull peeling for osmosis repair
  • GRP/fibreglass removal for repair or modification
  • Removal of teak decking
  • Removal of heavy paint build-up
  • GRP/fibreglass removal from swimming pools
  • Precision planing of most GRP/fibreglass surfaces


Hull peeling and osmosis repair are two of the many services Geltec offers. Using our unique planing system we can remove both fibreglass and wood (teak) surfaces to a range of depths to suit the clients requirements. Our services extend throughout New Zealand and offshore.

Hull Peeling

When a boat owner or builder is faced with repairing hundreds or thousands of osmosis blisters, there are a number of options available for removal.  These include peeling, grinding or sanding and blasting.

  • The Geltec peeling system systematically removes the GRP and underlying fibreglass layers exposing the osmosis damage, eliminating the affected areas and revealing a smooth substrate. It delivers fast, clean and precise osmosis removal.
  • Grinding and/or sanding was the preferred method of osmosis removal 30 years ago prior to peeling technology.  It is a particularly unpleasant job.  Depending on the skill level of the operator is extremely time consuming and leaves uneven surfaces requiring extensive fairing. This form of removal creates a lot of dust which must be considered due to health and safety concerns.
  • Blasting (including soda blasting) has been used in the past but has reduced in recent times. This form of removal provides varying results and often delivers a finish that is too shallow and does not expose the full extent of the osmosis damage.  It is also considered to be extremely environmentally damaging.

Osmosis repair

We offer a full osmosis repair service often referred to as a “full bottom job”.  This service includes:

  • A complete repair to the stage where the boat can be re-launched
  • Plane / peel, prepare and repair to any stage for the boat builder or owner to finish
  • A repair to specific surveryor specifications
  • Repair of individual blisters
  • Removal of laminate and form scarfs for repair after an accident
  • Removal of laminate and form scarfs for extensions and modifications.

We are also more than happy to work with other contractors to undertake specialist repair and maintenance work.


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