Radical Exposure


Radical Exposure’s sealant coatings will ensure that your vessel keeps that showroom shine, as well as lowering maintenance time and raising resale value.

About us

Radical Exposure is a bespoke Company with a difference.  Our distinction lies in our dedicated personal level of service.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a smaller, more intimate team, offering a face-to-face, discreet service, with supreme knowledge of all aspects of anti-corrosion treatment to your asset. 

Radical Exposure’s founder, Chris Auret, noticed the intricacy caused due to the lack of maintenance or anti-corrosion treatment to Aircraft, Marine Vessels and in the Industrial Industry in general.  Seeing a widespread need for a top-quality protection service, Radical Exposure was founded with the mission to protect and maintain New Zealand’s Industrial Assets, Aircraft and Marine Vessels.

ith supreme knowledge of all aspects of corrosion and the treatment against that, our experienced team ensure that clients receive unrivaled attention to detail, delivered with utmost professional discretion.


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