Would you still buy a yacht if you knew that you could share one?

YachtShare offers you all the excitement and the fun of a yacht without the huge costs attached to owning one.

Here’s what you get:

  • Up to 35 days of usage per year
  • Flexible booking system with online calendar available 24/7
  • Convenient monthly pay as you go system
  • 24 hour membership support
  • Christmas booking 100% guaranteed
  • Comprehensive cruising areas

Your advantages:

  • Zero capital outlay
  • Zero berthage costs
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Zero insurance costs

About Us

YachtShare started its operations in 1998, turning a tiny idea into a solid business.

The straightforward business model made YachtShare very popular among boating aficionados, so the company quickly acquired more boats in several regions, in order to meet demand.

Today we witness a fast development of the boat sharing industry, more and more businesses worldwide are starting to offer services very similar to the ones initially offered solely by YachtShare. YachtShare is a privately owned business and it belongs to Laurie Lowther, who also manages it.

Laurie confesses that she loves being part of the Marine industry and catering to the needs of people seeking for such services.

She also says that their clients are mainly successful individuals coming from different backgrounds. These clients have contributed to making this prosperous leisure business what it is today.

Laurie Lowther believes that their clients benefit a lot from being able to deal directly with the owner of the business. She encourages everyone seeking yacht sharing services to contact her for a meeting. They will gain a better understanding of the advantages offered by this type of business.

Why own a yacht anyway, when you only use it once a month per year?

What our Customers Say

“Laurie provided me with a professional service with a professional attitude, and always with a smile… He has always been ethical and honest, and a flexible thinker who solved problems. I have no problem recommending Laurie’s services.”


As we are now at the end of our Yachtshare journey (at least for now), I would take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with some extraordinary experiences. We discussed this today, and both of us feel that by sailing, we have become part of the Kiwi psyche and culture in a way that would not have happened without this. Overall, Yachtshare is a fantastic operation, something that you can be proud of. And the service that you have provided both in terms of flexibility and advice has been amazing! I particularly want to thank Colin. His expertise and service attitude is exceptional and creates a high level of trust for the operation.   To conclude: thanks for a great service and all the best for 2018″

Kaj & Suvi | JAN 2018


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