Zego Sports Boats – New Zealand

The complete package with versatility, safety and price.

If versatility, safety, price and the ease of operation are significant to you, then you should consider using Zego Sports Boats. For fun, work or recreation, on any type of water – you can easily use a Zego!

The Zego design offers an increased level of stability with sea-keeping abilities; thereby, resulting in the most comfortable ride possible in its class. When looking at its speed, the Zego can be handled like a larger twin hull or like a catamaran with a fast and flat usage.

The Zego 300 model is one of the safest and toughest models which is easy to maintain and drive. Placed on a single axle trailer, this model is easy to launch and can be towed along with almost all vehicles. As a light design, it is not only easy to use but also highly cost-effective to run.


Some of the features of the Zego Sports Boats include the following:


The design of the Zego Sports Boat is far more effective in various applications. The boat is highly stable making it an ideal multi-purpose platform for shallow draft.


Using a low centre of gravity, along with the twin-hulled catamaran design, the Zego Sports Boat offers complete confidence to the user. A beam in excess of 5 feet ensures that an adult standing on the front deck is able to balance on the boat without any problems.


Weighing in at approximately 190 kilograms, including the engine, the Zego Sports Boat can be easily launched and recovered. Small cars can easily tow the boat moving it, and people can use the tow by hand without problems.


The Zego Sports Boat is created using tough industrial polyethylene materials that are resistant to punctures, weather, salt and de-lamination. This means that the boat is highly durable and any contact with rocks or pilings is not a concern.


At heart, it’s a Sports Boat designed for loads of fun whether you’re zipping across calm water or pushing your way through the breakers.


All Zego Sports Boats are created to high-quality standards that we are willing to offer a three-year warranty.


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