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The Best Marinas in New Zealand

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The Best Marinas in New Zealand

New Zealand is truly a boating paradise. Astounding beauty, adventure with loads of first-class marinas, make any holiday in New Zealand memorable. From so many, we decided to whittle down the best marinas in New Zealand, so you can get the most out of your cruising holiday.

1. Opua Marina, Bay of Islands

Operating as New Zealand’s main port of entry, Opua Marina is a fabulous place to arrive and immediately take in the beauty of New Zealand. Located in the Bay of Islands, Opua Marina sits in a wonderful Mediterranean-like climate, just five minutes from Paihia. Just tie up at the breakwater for port of entry services.

At the marina, you’ll find all the standard facilities with 235 berths, ranging from 10.5 to 27m. All berths include water and power. Maintenance services are just a two-minute walk away and you can even haul out if needed.

There’s also the Opua Cruising Club next door, which has a great reputation catering to yachties.


2. Whangarei Marina, Whangarei

Situated right in the heart of Whangarei (Northland) and 19km inside the harbour, the Whangarei Marina is must-stop location on any New Zealand cruising holiday.

Expect all the usual amenities with a well-established maintenance industry easily accessible in Whangarei. There’s 48 finger berths (14-16m with power and water) and 198 pile moorings with some available for multihull boats up to 30m.

There’s also immediate access to restaurants, bars, swimming pools, supermarkets and specialty repair services in Whangarei.

It should be noted that an opening bridge is located one nautical mile before the marina. Simply contact “Bridge Control” on VHF 18 or call direct 094387261 for operating times.

3. Gulf Harbour Marina, Whangaparaoa Peninsula

On the edge of the Hauraki Gulf, Gulf Harbour Marina sits on the northern outskirts of the Auckland area. There’s 1036 berths for boats as big as 55m long with 4m drafts.

The water is clear and there’s a solid break wall offering great shelter. All the usual amenities exist and there’s even a golf course for those who stashed clubs below deck! There’s also a ferry to Auckland, should you desire the city life for a day.


4. Bayswater Marina, Auckland

For those seeking to be a stone’s throw away from Auckland, Bayswater Marina is a great choice. Literally situated on the other side of Auckland Harbour on the North Shore, Baywater Marina gives you the city without being in the city.

It has 415 finger berths, ranging from 10.5-45m, including 28 super yacht berths 25-45m long. All berths have power and water. Most of the slips are privately owned but can be rented through the marina office. They also have free wifi but only allow minor boat maintenance in the marina.

There’s frequent ferries to the city which take mere minutes to be in the heart of Auckland.


5. Westhaven Marina, Auckland

One of New Zealand’s oldest and largest marinas, Westhaven Marina is likely Auckland’s most famous marina with 1800 boats ranging from 8-30m. In total, there’s 1432 berths (limited multihull berths) which come with water and power.

Westhaven Marina is literally in the centre of New Zealand’s boating industry with access to brokers, builders, haul out, and chandlery stores. There is a 3-month foreign boat rule but nevertheless even a night at this marina would be a dream for any passionate yachtie.


6. Hobson West Marina

Right in central Auckland’s Viaduct is the Hobson West Marina (also run by Westhaven Marina). If you’ve got a super yacht and want to be in the city, then this place caters to you. There are 22 berths ranging from 16-50m. Slips have power and water and there’s secured-gate access and parking on site.

Just like Westhaven, you are in the centre of New Zealand’s yacht industry!

7. Viaduct Harbour Marina, Auckland CBD

The Viaduct Harbour is in the city and the home of two America’s Cup competitions. They have 50 floating berths for boats up to 28m and 10 berths for boats up to 40m. All berths come with water and power.

There’s 24-hour security on site and secure access to berths. Staying here is a comprehensive marina experience.

Visit their website here: www.viaduct.co.nz

8. Tauranga Bridge Marina, Tauranga

With it’s sunny laid-back atmosphere, Tauranga is the perfect place to visit in summer. With 500 berths for 10-37m (limited multihull berths), Tauranga Bridge Marina offers all the facilities you need for a stress-free stay. Situated just 5 minutes from famous Mount Maunganui, it’s a simple $10 taxi to beaches, restaurants, supermarkets and cinemas.


9. Chaffers Marina, Wellington

For those headed further south, Chaffers Marina in Wellington is an excellent choice.  Located in the centre of Wellington’s inner harbour, it’s a stone’s throw from world-renowned Te Papa Museum. In total, there are 165 floating berths with water and power for boats 10-20m long.

The port of entry is also located at the fuel dock. Opened in 1993, Chaffers Marina caters to both visitors and private berth owners alike. It’s the perfect place for those seeking culture, convenience and city.


10. Nelson Marina, Nelson

Nelson Marina is the perfect entry point into the South Island. Well-known for its artsy cultural atmosphere, Nelson is fun place for any visiting yachtie.

There are 515 pontoon berths for boats 8-18m but can make a few allowances for boats as long as 22m. There’s also 33 pole berths. The best time to enter the marina is before 10am, as to avoid frequent strong winds later in the day.

The marina has all the standard amenities but electrical heaters not allowed. To get into Nelson, just follow the river for a simple 15-minute walk.


11. Waikawa Marina, Marlbourough Sounds

For a breath-taking views and astounding beauty, Waikawa Marina is a must! Located in Queen Charlotte Sound, you’ll enjoy a highly memorable holiday here. This is a first-class marina for all your boating needs and just 5 minutes from the Picton and Cook Strait ferry terminals.

Waikawa Marina has 464 berths to accommodate boats 8-18m long. All berths come with standard power and water. There’s also a few berths for multihull boats. There’s 24-security and a restaurant on site.

With so much to see and do, even hitting half these best marinas in New Zealand would be an accomplishment. We certainly hope you enjoy your next New Zealand cruising holiday!

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