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Our platform offers Kiwi boat owners access to the best in marine that New Zealand has to offer. Since our establishment in 2018, Marine Services has successfully cultivated a loyal and dedicated user base of organic visitors.

Our Inspiration:

Marine Services was born out of the personal experiences of our founder, the late Michael Goldfinch. Having encountered challenges in finding the right professionals to address various issues with his boats, Michael, a seasoned boat owner for nearly two decades, recognized the need for a centralized platform. He envisioned a comprehensive marine services hub that not only provided information about businesses in the marine sector but also included customer reviews.

michael goldfinch

Our Mission

As we continue to expand, we are actively collaborating with new partners to enhance our services for customers. Our goal is to constantly enrich our platform with fresh and relevant content related to the industry, while also supporting local New Zealand businesses.

In the near future, we will be introducing a network of social influencers to generate increased traffic, and we are currently developing a new sales platform catering to all aspects of the marine industry.

Why Choose Us

Safety holds paramount importance for the team at Marine Services. We are committed to offering online courses for upskilling, providing advice on safety equipment, and supporting Coastguard initiatives.

Where We Started

Founded by the late Michael Goldfinch, an esteemed member of the marine industry who recognized the need for a platform bridging the industry and its clients, Marine Services proudly hosts hundreds of New Zealand marine businesses. Here, you can find the right professionals to get the job done efficiently.

2021 and Beyond

Joining forces in late 2021, Dan became a valuable addition to our team, bringing fresh perspectives and revitalizing Marine Services. With extensive experience on the water and over 15 years in the marine industry, Dan identified the same need for a comprehensive database of New Zealand’s top marine businesses, with a strong focus on safety and preventive maintenance.

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Targeted Marketing

Marine Services is a specialised platform dedicated to the marine industry. By listing your business, you can effectively target your marketing efforts towards a relevant and interested audience, increasing the chances of attracting qualified leads.

Credibility and Trust

Being listed on Marine Services adds credibility and trust to your business. Users recognise Marine Services as a reputable source for finding reliable and trusted marine businesses. Your listing on this platform enhances your reputation and instills confidence in potential customers.

Increased Visibility

Listing your business on Marine Services provides exposure to a large and targeted audience of marine enthusiasts and potential customers. It helps you reach a wide range of individuals actively searching for marine services and products.

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