Chains, Ropes and Anchors


We don’t claim to know how to wire a fish finder (or even catch a fish lately, sadly), what a kilobit is or what size UNF is equal to a STD, whatever they may be. We do claim to know chains, ropes and anchors exceptionally well though. As a major importer and supplier to NZ thru the Sth Pacific region for over 30 years we have learnt many things along the way. Over the years we have tested, manufactured, designed anchors, rope and anchoring systems. Mind you wouldn’t you expect a specialist to specialise?

All we know is……

  • ropes
  • chains
  • anchors
  • winches
  • splicing and rope work
  • and how to do pretty much anything to all of those.

We have the largest range, the highest quality and the most knowledge about chains, anchors and ropes in New Zealand, if not the Sth pacific.

Real people with real world experience and product knowledge. That is us.

The photo below is one of the blocks on the yacht Rawhiti, a Logan design first launched in 1905. She was restored to magnificent and relaunched in 2012. We did a lot of the rope work on her.

Chains Ropes and Anchors is the Trading name of Macduff Industries Ltd. New Zealand Registered company since 1980.


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