Manufactured and designed by Incept Marine Ltd, FAB DOCK is an inflatable and self-contained on-water docking system. It’s the best alternative to dry berthing. It’s also the most preferred option to anti foulers as its useful in the conservation of marine life. In its design as the inflatable sponson, it can be used for berthing in tidal, windy and strong current conditions where the hull can slide gently into the berth.

FAB DOCK has become widely popular because it is easy to install and also relocate. We can offer many solutions including those for catamarans, mono-hull, yachts and also power boats. It comes in many different sizes and shapes to fit any boat. Any PVC models have a 1-year warranty and the going price is $8900. We have set an industry record with a 3-year warranty for the Urethane Alloy models and a 5-year long warranty for the Polyurethane models.

Visit the official website for more information on FAB DOCK and its applications. Contact Incept Marine Ltd for more information.

FAB Dock – product page

Inflatable on-water Dry docking system


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