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About Us

Our company is recognized around the world for our ability to design, mould, conceive, fabricate, and manufacture products and systems. We use the latest technology to explore new process and make advances while working alongside experts and our international customer base.

We’ve been operating for 40 years now!

Some of our customers include Shell Oil, Takao, McDonald’s, Disney Imagineering, and Oceaneering Inc.

We have one real goal: to satisfy our customers by offering them first-rate service and top-shelf products.

Mac Boats

Mac Boats provides a fantastic selection of boats, including the offshore Flagship 7m model and 2.1 dinghies. These boats are moulded using polyethylene thermoplastic. The boats are then constructed via a double skin Gyro-Tech process. The design and manufacturing process takes place entirely in New Zealand, producing boats with some genuinely impressive qualities. The boats can’t be destroyed, are essential unsinkable, and require little-to-no maintenance. The impact strength is five times higher than it would be for fibreglass. These boats are CE certified and built to survey, making them well-suited to both commercial and recreational usage.

Smart Wave Boats

SmartWave produces branded plastic boats that command a great deal of respect. These boats are exported across the world, including to Pacific Islands, Europe, and Australia. Every one of these boats has gone through extensive testing procedures to ensure that they meet CE certification standards. You can find open boat, center console, and off short runabout options. These boats can be found in sizes between 2.4m and 4.8m, making them a popular option for rescue boats across the globe. They’re specifically designed to be able to handle the harshest of environments. These boats can sustain a lot, but also move quietly and provide a smooth and safe ride.


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