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It’s no wonder that boats piqued the interest of the director of King Watercraft, Will King, at a young age, given that he was raised at the coastal edge of a South Island river. Architectural design led to marine design as a result of which King Watercraft was the only obvious end result, given the fact that he had a great eye for design and is a true creator. King Watercraft’s outboard and jet RIBs are unique, designed and built in New Zealand with a focus on comfort, style and top quality. The stylish accessory design and fit out is complimented by the exceptional functionality and handling coupled with incredible stability.

Project Spotlight


JULY 2018

Our client has big plans for this little vessel, even though it might seem small. Intended to be used in conjunction with a yacht, it is headed to the expansive sparking Tauranga harbour. In addition to helping ferry our clients and their guests from one point to the other, it will be used for water sports fun, by kids thanks to its family friendly features.SEE MORE



The boat has everything you need and more! The client will be right at home, in this fun family boat on Lake Taupo. We customized this client’s boat, including adding a bike rack to ensure that they could explore the most remote mountain biking trails, ensuring that they could engage in their long list of favoured hobbies and activities.




Expected to be completed this year, be sure to closely follow this exciting project. The new RIB design that we have been secretly working on is sure to attract a lot of attention in the harbor once it’s complete.

Jet Ribs

Our jet rib, designed and built in New Zealand, is exactly what you need if you have been looking for a boat that seemingly does everything, but aren’t sure that it actually exists. Designed to be the perfect embodiment of fun, style and versatility, our jet ribs come with a raft of capabilities and features that simply can’t be found in an outboard rigid inflatable.VIEW MODELS

Outboard Ribs

Without compromising on quality or style, every square inch of these boats is made for utmost practicality and comfort. Buyers can choose from a wide selection of fit outs and sizes, designed and built, using high quality pontoon fabrics, in New Zealand. The possibilities are seemingly endless, whether you need a family boat, a simple yacht tender or a first boat to potter around the beach. Enjoy enhanced safety and comfort with our large diameter pontoons.



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