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Being  both a boat builder and sailor gives Marine Surveyor James Newcombe a distinct advantage when it comes to understanding what to look for when conducting Pre Purchase Inspections,  Surveys and Pre Insurance Surveys. Whether it is a pleasure boat, yacht, classic boat, fishing boat – any boat at all – James extensive experience and ability to communicate with boat owners whether they be new to boating or experienced sea goers sets him apart from the competition.

Services and Experience


Pacific Rim Marine Services Ltd provides consultation services in varied forms. This can include:

  • Service to the client on which type of vessel to purchase.

  • Advice on repair work, maintenance, and alterations required.
  • Services and recommended trades persons and companies to use.

  • Recommendations on which brokers to use.
  • Delivery of vessels.

  • The extent of work that must be undertaken once the vessel has been purchased.
  • Future work and maintenance that will be required.

  • Advice to home builders or non-boatbuilders that require guidance while building, altering or repairing their own vessel.
  • Consultation of damage and insurance requirements.

  • Recommendation of factors to take in to account before selling the vessel. This can include major repairs and maintenance that need to be undertaken to improve the value of the boat and therefore, increased chances of selling.

Project Management

With extensive experience in the boat building field; including owners representative work, Pacific Rim Marine Surveys are in the position to handle new boat projects, re-fits, repairs and restoration.

This service enables the vessels owner to have work completed to a time schedule and budget that is affordable appropriate for the vessel. At the same time this service will also guarantee that the vessel has the appropriate and desired workmanship carried out. Our goal with project management is that our client is treated fairly by the shipyard undertaking any work.

During project management, daily reports and documentation will be provided insuring the client has knowledge of ongoing progress. This service is extended world wide with costs relevant to travel and other costs incurred.

Pacific Rim Marine Surveys Ltd has staff that are fluent in the Mandarin language. This enables quality project management  in Asian countries such as Taiwan and China, which feature some of the Worlds busiest construction yards.

Digital Thickness Testing

One instrument carried by Pacific Rim Marine Surveys Ltd is the TM-8810 Digital Meter. The purpose of this tool is to measure the thickness of various materials including: steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, brass, pvc, polyethylene to name a few. Material thickness measurement range can vary from 1.5 – 200mm with accuracy to 0.1mm.

This instrument measures the structure with sound anodes and is used in many applications. These can include testing steel or aluminium vessels for hull thickness during pre-purchase or insurance surveys. Quite commonly a vessel will be stated as being built with a particular thickness of material. With a quick meter survey this can be determined to be correct or not! Also the affect of corrosion can be determined on these vessels by comparing meter figures with new-build figures.

This meter is also used to surveys determining repair work to be undertaken. In this way, like material can replace the damaged structure with ease and limited hold up to the job schedule.



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