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To build anything of quality requires commitment. At Pinnacle, it began with a concept for the ideal boat before putting in place the building blocks to achieve it. Every detail was an opportunity for excellence. There were no short cuts. Different techniques, inventions and technologies were trialled and, when proven, applied. The result is something that can take on all comers.

Pinnacle Boats. Game on.


As you would expect from a boat maker that’s interested more in quality than quantity, Pinnacle Boats are not earmarked for mass production. In fact, the focus is more on customising specifically to each and every customers requirements. Whether you’re into diving, fishing, family fun, or a combination of all three, you’ll have the opportunity to work hand in hand with the team to deliver precisely what you desire. At completion, a Pinnacle can be a boat with your fingerprints all over it.


Since he could walk, the founder of Pinnacle Boats has been fishing up and down the Coromandel, in and offshore. That’s why you’ll notice everything aboard is set up for action. Self-draining decks, live-bait tanks, step-through transom, heaps of stowage space – it’s all been thought through right down to the hard-wearing teak look-alike deck of the huge fishing platform.  But that doesn’t mean there’s been a compromise on creature comforts. With a choice of open or enclosed hardtop, Pinnacle provides every amenity you need to fish, eat, sleep and then fish again – whether you’re day-tripping or going on an extended expedition.


From the start, Pinnacle set a high bar for performance with an emphasis on economy. Whether you choose inboard diesel or outboard propulsion, the ride is smooth and fuel consumption is minimal.


The quality of any boat is largely dependent on hull design and integrity. Pinnacle’s Alistair McEwen, one of only a few Lloyds registered welders in the country, teamed with New Zealand’s Scott Robson for this fundamental prerequisite. The result is light yet strong with a slippery underwater profile that lifts to the plane quickly, without compromising stability at rest. The Monohedron hull also has a deeper keel for better handling in all conditions – especially downwind where many powerboats are challenged. 


The key objective of a Pinnacle boat is to achieve the best possible fuel efficiency. That’s why the builder prefers inboard diesels for propulsion. Very few trailer boats offer this option but if you’re a fisherman who likes to cover a bit of territory there’s nothing more frugal. Inboards also enhance weight distribution and, combined with the efficient hull design, can troll all day on the smell of an oily rag. 


Having worked for some of the most respected boat builders in New Zealand and Australia, Pinnacle’s Alistair McEwen has brought his 30 years of experience and knowledge as well as several key colleagues to where it all began.

As a kid growing up on the Coromandel, Alistair dreamed of building boats and at Whitianga he’s pulled together a team with unmatched expertise in construction, fabrication, fit-out and painting.

But as well as being a boat builder, Pinnacle is also an established boatyard that has been repairing, upgrading, rebuilding and refurbishing boats on the Coromandel Peninsula for many years. So if your Pinnacle needs servicing, repair or an upgrade, you can always bring it back to the people who created it.


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