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We here at Rae Line are dedicated to providing you with the lifestyle that you want to have, with your boat. Whether that means heading out with a couple of close friends to fish and enjoy your time out on the water, or going out with your family to do all kinds of fun-filled activities. With Rae Line, every type of boating lifestyle imaginable is possible.

For many of us, boating isn’t really about simply having a brand new toy to enjoy, it is a lifestyle that boat owners have that makes it truly a unique experience. It is a lifestyle that you can share with your friends and family to provide everyone with entertainment.

At Rae Line, our goal is to offer you the ultimate boating lifestyle that will suit you the best in terms of how you like spending time out on the water. Whether this means all around boating, enjoying water sports or taking a few fishing rods with you to drop a couple of lines, or maybe take a more specific approach on how you would like to spend your time – go water skiing, wakeboarding, and live for the adrenaline rush.

Rae Line makes these lifestyles all possible. It is all about the personal service that you won’t find with many other manufacturers.

Give that we are a New Zealand company, and easy to contact, we believe we have developed a good personal touch, for nearly every boat we build to order. Getting feedback and discussing ideas through both our dealers as well as the end user to ensure we continue heading down the right path and making improvements to our boats that are necessary to help us stay competitive and continue to innovate and be forward thinking.

Without obtaining the right kind of feedback and criticism from our dealers, we don’t have any way of improving our boats, which is why we highly encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any criticism, questions, or idea of anything related to Rae Line!


Fibreglass & Gel Coat Repairs

In addition to manufacturing high-quality boats, Rae Line is also a fiberglass and gel coat specialist repair center. We have done hundreds of various fiberglass repairs, all with varying structural requirements and complexity, in addition to performing numerous cosmetic repairs on gel coat surface. So if you need a gel coat or fiberglass repair, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote. We do need to fully inspect the repair or damage before we can provide you with a quote. We can also provide estimates based on photos.

Boat Detailing & Gel Coat Restoration

We take a great deal of pride in how our new boats all leave in mint condition from the factory, and we believe all boat owners should think the same thing about their boats. If your boat has begun to develop some yellowness on its hull or gel coat fading, or there is corrosion starting to show on its aluminum or stainless steel components, or maybe it just needs a thorough cleaning, then we would to love hear from you.

New & Re-antifouling

We have an undercover boat hoist area that gives us the capacity for carrying out and completing full anti-fouls on drive units and boat hulls up to 30 feet in length. We own all of the right equipment for safely hoisting your boat off of its trailer and providing the room and space to anti-foul its hull. We are able to do brand new anti-fouls on hulls that have been previously untouched, or we can also re-anti-foul your hull during its annual maintenance program.

Contract Molding & Fibreglassing

We have many different contracts with various companies across New Zealand to offer fully completed fiberglass components. The process may include original designs being created and building the molds to use in production, through to getting the finished product completed and ready for you in whatever way you need it.

Transitional Facility Operations & Devanning

Rae Line is an Approved Transitional Facility (ATF), meaning that the Ministry of Primary Industries has certified us to handle imported containers, directly from the ship. We can also devan as well as unpack container shipments using our on-site forklifts. So if you are searching for a clean, safety facility for your imported goods or contained load that is away from the public eye, then we encourage you to call us to discuss what your needs are.

If any of our services peak your interest and you would either like to know more or make a booking or an appointment to discuss further, please click here to get in touch.


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