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When it comes to manufacturing, repairing, and retubing inflatable boats, trust no other than N&K Consulting

N&K Consulting is the top-rated choice for re-tubing, repairing, and manufacturing quality inflatable boats. Our company has been in business for over 35 years— providing expertise in inflatable boat repairs and manufacturing. You know N&K Consulting is a company you can trust when we tell you that Neil Curtling is responsible for running the business. He is also the founder New Zealand’s largest inflatable boat manufacturer, Southern Pacific Inflatables!


When dealing with us, you can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands and have access to 100% Kiwi made products. Our company, Seafarer Inflatables, was founded in 2014 by Neil Curtling. He uses his 35 years of widespread industry experience in designing and manufacturing inflatable boats to grow our company. You will find no other company in the region with the same eye for detail and attention paid to the manufacturing process.

We mean quality, and this is how:

*We use imported German TPU fabrics and Valmax PVC when welding, with the help of our double lap seam welding system.

*We will thermobond weld all of our tubes. Our thermobond welding system has been completely customized to our specifications to deliver strength and accuracy.

*We are design, in-house manufacturing aluminum hulls. This process is made easy by our NZ design experts. All holes on our hulls are pre-drilled and powder coated to prevent corrosion. Our high grade aluminum and Dulux powder coating speak for themselves!


Expect the following benefits from choosing our service.

*Experienced technicians with many years of experience in the field along with prompt and reliable service.

*Air retention testing that requires each product to pass a 20-point inspection.

*We Care About Quality And Our Clients!



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