SSS Engineering Ltd


We are a general engineering business, aimed primarily at precision engineering with an emphasis on the manufacture and marketing of marine products.


Jet units

As the official Australasian agent for American Turbine jet units we have the ability to provide you with both new and used jet units at reasonable prices. Together with our own range of products which are designed and manufactured by us, we can cater to your specific boating needs.

Steering Kits

A steering kit is made up of the following items:

  • Steering column
  • 2x twin pulleys
  • 1x single pulley
  • Transom steering box
  • Cables and fastening set

Each of which can be purchased separately

Reverse Controllers

Do you have a B70 Teleflex reverse control?

Does it slip or not work at all?

We repair and upgrade the internals of these controls.

Bring in your damaged/worn controller and we will exchange it with one that we have fixed.

New to our product lineup is our own reverse controller.

Designed to suit 60 series Teleflex control cable, it can be easily adjusted to suit push or pull operation and 3″ or 4″ cable throw.

Sand Traps

Pushing Poles

Skin Fittings


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